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I moved the Recent Comments section to the bottom of the left column so that they wouldn’t unreasonably stretch the middle column. You definitely can’t think of all of the

Soda Popinski

Warning label (complete with symbol!) on a bottle of Stewart’s Orange N’Cream Soda: CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE. BOTTLE MAY BURST OR CAP MAY BLOW OFF CAUSING EYE OR OTHER SERIOUS INJURY.


I’m liking the blog w/ MiniBlog format. Like I was saying to Jim the other day, it lets me post the articles and media stuff that I like while keeping

Visual Studio .NET vs. Eclipse

Being mainly a Java/Eclipse developer I’m finding it quite hard to move to .NET/C#. You see, Eclipse has spoiled me and given me all of these wonderful features that I


I’ve been helping out Phillip and Matt the past few days with xNote, an open source C# OPML browser. Here’s a screenshot of what we have so far: I just


A burn from Robert Scoble, who will start working for Microsoft May 12th: “How did Microsoft get to where it is today? They had incompetent competitors.” Some would argue it’s

Strange Googling

Those looking for proof that Google is far from perfect need only look as far as my hit counter. Apparently I’m the best source of information for “java swt” (rather

Administering A and B

I realised that test suites are the best way to administer A and B tests. You keep the tests where they always were but move them between Test Suite A

More on Unit Tests

I was talking to Jim today about this problem with JUnit and came up with a solution. Give unit your test methods classifications. For example, the team wants to ensure

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I believe it’s incompetent competition from a business standpoint and not necessarily a technical one… until word 2000 and windows xp … windows apps were awful (i was a full