Overlapping Backgrounds

Wow, the default Moveable Type 2.63 CSS stylesheet is horrible. I discovered why Internet Explorer 6 is coughing up a lung and other major organs: because every <div> on this

Java Delete to Recycle Bin

It’s interesting that even a small shift in the desktop paradigm hasn’t been picked up by Java: the Recycle Bin. All of the popular operating systems have a variation of

Ryan Lowe’s Blog

Free Software Realities James Robertson has linked to a few capitalist rants by Clemens Vasters: one and two. Ponder this quote from Clemens: “selfish is not the one who wants

Derek Lowe’s (Ryan’s older brother) words at Ryan’s funeral

While Ryan and I had spent almost every day together when he was young, due to our age difference we had not spent as much time together since I went