I’m liking the blog w/ MiniBlog format. Like I was saying to Jim the other day, it lets me post the articles and media stuff that I like while keeping my main blog free of short posts. As you can see most of my recent blog posts have been a few paragraphs long and that’s definitely an inprovement.

I took the bold date titles out and the MiniBlog doesn’t dominate the eye like it used to. It’s just a little less dominant than the main blog, which is good.

I’ve noticed not a lot of people are commenting on the MiniBlog though — maybe because people didn’t know that the [0]’s were comment counts. That’s understandable because it’s not a very good visual cue but I’m pretty real estate-limited with what I can put in there. I added a title attribute to the comment links to give a tooltip but it’s still not that great. What I’d like to do more is make a MiniBlog post and then make the first comment myself, which may help start discussion like regular blog posts do.

Update 13:11 You’re right Jim, it does look a lot better on a CRT. Outside of changing my colour scheme to something with more contrast I don’t really know what I can do about that. 🙂 I will make sure that the text is readable even if the table boundaries aren’t visable.