Forgive the diversion, I have two new words for our ever-expanding English lexicon. Consider these my definitions, others may exist.

pre·tire·ment is when a person take themselves “off the market“, moves from downtown to the suburbs and subsequently raises kids on a responsibly-attained fixed income. Fun is sometimes deferred until the retirement years and money is (again) responsibly saved to pay for it. Other features of pretirement include a mortgage, car lease payments, thirty pounds and a sudden interest in interior decorating.

As the name suggests pretirement often directly preceeds retirement, although this isn’t always the case, see: born-again bachelor on page 862.

An un·ter·view or a re·cruit and switch occurs when a person is recruited to work at a company, but the company interviews the person as though they had applied for the job. The affect is amplified when the recruiter doesn’t participate in the first interview and the reasons for recruitment in the first place are lost in the shuffle. Relatively common in the high tech industry.

Standard Disclaimer

Entries in the Sarcastic Dictionary volumes I through XIV are not to be taken seriously …with the possible exception of volume IX, it’s exceptionally biting.