Java Microbenchmarks are Evil

I tried to make a benchmark to compare returning objects vs. throwing exceptions but the Java virtual machine is a very hard thing to benchmark because of the optimizations it


I’m writing this in my blog so it will get Googled. I tried searching for a solution to this problem and came up empty. If you are using the Ant

He’s a Microsoft Human Aggregator … Deal With It

Robert Scoble’s been catching a lot of flak lately. OK, he’s an opinionated guy so obviously he’ll rile some people but that’s why we read his blog. His opinions and

Adventures in Disabling VgaSave

This story is long and probably amusing to people who aren’t me. I’m posting it for your enjoyment. Chalk this one up in the “worst personal IT experience so far”

Ad Hoc Communities for Specific Problems

I honestly cannot believe how many people have come to my blog for a solution to the Ant JAVA_HOME problem with Eclipse 2.1 I wrote up six months ago. I

Browsing Zenith Upon Us?

Microsoft presumably can’t justify further development or expense on IE6 development. They are a money-making business and they’ve moved on. The idiosyncrasies of the browser are well known, or at

Overlapping Backgrounds

Wow, the default Moveable Type 2.63 CSS stylesheet is horrible. I discovered why Internet Explorer 6 is coughing up a lung and other major organs: because every <div> on this

Java Delete to Recycle Bin

It’s interesting that even a small shift in the desktop paradigm hasn’t been picked up by Java: the Recycle Bin. All of the popular operating systems have a variation of

Ryan Lowe’s Blog

Free Software Realities James Robertson has linked to a few capitalist rants by Clemens Vasters: one and two. Ponder this quote from Clemens: “selfish is not the one who wants

Derek Lowe’s (Ryan’s older brother) words at Ryan’s funeral

While Ryan and I had spent almost every day together when he was young, due to our age difference we had not spent as much time together since I went