Ant task doesn’t work in Eclipse

Here’s another solution to a problem I’m hoping to get Googled: If you’re running an Ant build.xml file in Eclipse, the <junit> task will not work by default. If you

Recent Comments Moved

I moved the Recent Comments section to the bottom of the left column so that they wouldn’t unreasonably stretch the middle column. You definitely can’t think of all of the

Strong vs Weak Typing

As someone that has used strongly typed programming languages for most of his short career, I’m finding it hard to grasp the advantages of weakly-typed ones. Paul Vick makes a

The SWT Thread

One of the key things no one seemed to tell us about SWT was that it ran in one thread by default. This has the unfortunate side-effect of freezing the

Data Abstraction Layer Architecture

I took my hands off Eclipse for a bit and thought about AudioMan’s architecture, specifically the Data Abstraction Layer (DAL) and wrote up a whole section on it. I grouped

Soda Popinski

Warning label (complete with symbol!) on a bottle of Stewart’s Orange N’Cream Soda: CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE. BOTTLE MAY BURST OR CAP MAY BLOW OFF CAUSING EYE OR OTHER SERIOUS INJURY.

Iron Ring Ceremony

I guess I’m going to have to get used to wearing jewelry. 🙂 The Iron Ring ceremony was last night and I have a pinky ring on my left hand.


I’m liking the blog w/ MiniBlog format. Like I was saying to Jim the other day, it lets me post the articles and media stuff that I like while keeping

Visual Studio .NET vs. Eclipse

Being mainly a Java/Eclipse developer I’m finding it quite hard to move to .NET/C#. You see, Eclipse has spoiled me and given me all of these wonderful features that I

Images in Hotmail Junk Mail

Hotmail has finally deactivated outside images by default on junk email. This is important because spammers can use outside images – and by outside I mean requested from a web